Scanning Vs Storage

In today's ever changing world the requirement for compliance amongst so many of our industries means you have an even greater responsibility to ensure the quality, integrity and access to business critical records right across the board from Finance to Quality, HR and EH & S to name but a few.

Storage of records for long periods brings with it a number of challenges and concerns not least of all the ability to retrieve data in a timely manner coupled with the need to ensure no degradation of originals occurs thereby making them useless and unrecoverable.

Once a box starts to degrade the effect on the paper records it holds can be catastrophic and may not be easily visible in a huge warehouse environment where the doors are opened and closed on a regular basis allowing in all manner of dust, dirt and those horrid little critters which eat away at the boxes quietly likely a deadly assassin.

Storage costs quickly escalate and continue to grow over many years, the delay and cost in retrieving and re inserting a box into storage is often an expense not considered at the outset, but the biggest drawback will always be the final exit fees to move or destroy records once they have reached their retention date or to ensure best market value for your business.

The use of electronic images carries its own concerns, however, with electronic storage space now becoming so much more cost effective, the ability to back up over multiple locations is ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery requirements are met and the ability to hold additional back-ups on disks/hard drives/memory sticks gives any organisation the peace of mind needed in today’s compliance led world.

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