Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning

Data Solutions Group specialise in converting all types of large format drawing and plans regardless of their origin. We convert paper, acetate or linen into electronic images which can be held on Memory Stick or uploaded into an existing system within your existing environment.

Images can be provided as Tiff, PDF, Jpeg or Bitmap in fact any format you require.

Data Solutions Group produce scanned versions of large format drawings which can be enhanced, de-speckled and “cleaned up” electronically. Thereby, giving new life to your old and tattered large format drawings and plans even feint and faded lines can be seen improved.

Data Solutions Group also scan books and photographs with the same levels of expertise and quality. Project Files, Health & Safety Files, O & M Manuals can easily be accommodated. We expertly use bookmarking to ensure your electronic file mirrors your original paper one in every way.

Once Data Solutions Group have produced your electronic images they are immediately available for you to view, print, save without leaving your desk or needing bulky equipment to reproduce.

We appreciate security and confidentiality are important factors in any business, which is why we password protect your resultant media, which means only authorised staff will be able to access the data, keeping it secure at all times.

If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact us using one of our contact forms, or telephone us directly on 01625 400250, where we will be delighted to speak to you.