Areas Covered

Data Solutions Group make regular collections from organisations throughout the UK. We work with many private businesses, large multi-nationals, local authorities and NHS trusts.

Our vehicles make regular trips to many of the UK’s major cities ensuring we can offer timely collections of customer documents as and when required.

No collection is too small or too big, we can arrange any sized collection from a single box all the way up to multi-day multi-vehicle collections.

Some of the major cities our vehicles visit are:


With Manchester being one of the business centres of the North we work closely with a number of companies from the City centre and the surrounding areas. Each business needs are different, so our document scanning services can be tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

With Manchester having great road links via the M56, M60, M61, M62 and M66 it makes it one of the largest financial hubs of the UK. This means there are many businesses within the area that require our services. We work closely with many companies within the Manchester area to provide them with a reliable document management service.


Situated at the centre of the West Midlands Birmingham is seen as one of the main business hubs in the UK. With it's great links to a large number of Cities throughout the UK it makes it a common stop off point for commuters from all over the country. It is served by a number of motorways and is home to the famous Spaghetti Junction. With such good connections throughout the country it means we can provide a fast turnaround time on our document scanning in Birmingham.

We provide our document scanning services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas and can tailor our services to suit your needs exactly. There are several major National Health Service hospitals throughout Birmingham, meaning the need for sensitive document scanning services is prevalent throughout the city. Whether our clients need sensitive information digitizing then shredding or the hard copies retaining to be returned we can take on any size job.


Being the 5th largest metropolitan area in the UK there are many health care centres, government body offices and financial companies that require document services. We provide our vital services throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas, ensuring every one of our customers receives a top quality service no matter their needs.

With great links via the M62 and rail links to the rest of the UK Liverpool has grown to become a popular location for businesses to set up offices. Whether financial, retail or government based the local business of Liverpool have many needs when it comes to the storage and digitisation of documents and paperwork. So, whether our clients need a bulky backlog of sensitive documents digitising or they want us to complete a one off scanning of office documents to free up office space.


With Leeds City centre sitting on the River Aire and over 60% of the area being green belt it is as beautiful as it is a business hub of the North. It has great road links through the A58 road, A61 road, A64 road, A643 road and the M621, this makes it easy for us to get documents to and from the City centre. We have worked with a wide variety of local companies providing document scanning in Leeds.

Leeds has the most diverse economy of the all the UK's main employment centres and has seen the fastest rate of private sector jobs growth of any UK city and has the highest ratio of public to private sector jobs of all the UK's Core Cities. Leeds has the 5th largest number of financial, banking and investment companies after London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester. With so much sensitive data in the area we have a large number of clients from Leeds that have varying.

If you're looking for a company to provide you with document scanning anywhere in UK then get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 01625 400250. We will gladly provide you with further information and a free quote.