Microfilm Scanning

Document Scanning

Data Solutions Group have the ability to scan all types of microfilm and microfiche. 16mm or 35mm roll film, microfiche jackets and aperture cards can easily be converted to PDF or TIFF formats.

Since the 1970's companies and organisations have used microfilm to combat the need for bulky paper filing systems.

However, the introduction of electronic scanning saw a shift in preference, microfilm of all types can be difficult to view, print or retrieve from.

Microfilm reader printers became expensive to buy or maintain and their availability has reduced significantly.

The use of effective microfilm scanning services brings new life to archive microfilm records and removes the issues now associated with a microfilm legacy;

  • Microfilm will degrade over time
  • Requires significant space to store
  • Has no ability to share the information
  • Equipment can be difficult to source and maintain
  • Limited compliance and disaster recovery

In certain instances when the microfilm is still of a good quality the use of OCR technology can also be applied bringing a significant increase in accessibility of information from your microfilm library.

Many clients have described the electronic image from microfilm as being significantly better in quality, clarity and integrity.

The advantages of microfilm scanning are clear and that is why more and more businesses are utilising the process.

Should you have any questions regarding our microfilm scanning service and how it could benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01625 400 250.