HR & Payroll

Data Solutions Group provide a range of document scanning services for HR & Payroll Records to help your organisation manage employee records efficiently and with GDPR compliance in mind.

We frequently digitises HR, Personnel, Training, Payroll, Pension and Occupational Health Records. Accredited to ISO9001 (Quality Management) and working to the Code of Practice contained in PD 0008 (Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information) you can be assured your records are in safe hands.

Our scanning services are used by HR Departments in many organisations to free up valuable office space and save time manually processing personnel records. We can scan any type of HR & Payroll records to your electronic format of choice ensuring compatibility with your current and future HR systems. Alternatively, the digital images can be indexed into category such as payroll, right to work, contract, etc allowing you to manage what you need to keep for GDPR compliance purposes.

Data Solutions Group scans millions of images each month. Our bureau is set up for high volume scanning, is quality managed to ISO9001 and can scan HR & Payroll Records for organisations of all sizes. We prioritise quality and security when it comes to HR & Payroll record scanning and work with many blue chip and public sector organisations.

We can process your HR & Payroll records and other documents using our advanced OCR technology. This unlocks the full potential of your records allowing easy search and retrieval of the information they contain.

Scanned HR & Payroll records can be returned to you in your format of choice and we can also encrypt your sensitive records to stop your data falling into the wrong hands.

Many HR departments have found our document scanning services to be invaluable, saving them time and money as well as freeing up valuable office space.

Call now on 01625 400250 for more information about how our document scanning services can help your organisations HR Department to digitise their HR & Payroll records.