Frequently Asked Questions

What document sizes can you scan?

Data Solutions Group can scan most sizes of documents including; receipts, expenses, small tickets, large format drawings, wide format maps and plans.  Document sizes include A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6.  Documents up to 4 metres in length can even be scanned.

Can you scan colour and black and white?

We can scan both. Most clients prefer their documents scanned in black & white however we can scan partly or fully in colour as required.

What image resolution will be used when scanning my documents?

Dependent on the type of documents images can be scanned from 100 to 600 dpi. Typically 300 dpi offers the best balance of image quality and file size.

How quickly can you scan my documents?

Our experienced Sales Consultants will work with you to provide a scanning solution to meet your deadlines.  We use high capacity scanning equipment so can turnaround your project in a short amount of time if required.

Do you offer a trial of your scanning services?

Yes, we can provide a free of charge sample of your scanned documents. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange collection.

How much can I pack into an archive box?

For health and safety reasons archive boxes must not be filled over 12 kg in weight. We ask that documents do not rise above the top of the box to allow lids to be fully closed.

Can you provide archive boxes for my documents?

Yes, we have strong archive boxes available for purchase, please contact us for details.

Can you collect my documents for me?

Yes, we have our own dedicated vehicles so can collect your documents from anywhere within the UK.

Can you collect my documents that are stored on shelves or filling cabinets?

Yes we offer a sorting and packing service so can arrange for our staff to attend at the time of collection to sort and pack your documents.

My documents are stapled or clipped together; Can they be scanned?

Yes, our preparation team check every document prior to scanning so there is no need to remove them prior to your documents being collected.

Where will my documents be stored before being scanned?

Once your documents have arrived they are checked against the collection note and booked into our secure storage facility. All areas of the facility are monitored by 24 hour CCTV and access restricted through the use of biometric entry systems.

What format can you output my scanned images to?

We can output your digital files in any required format.  PDF is the most common format however other formats such as TIFF, JPEG, CAD, BMP, PNG, TXT, word and excel can also be used.

Once my documents have been scanned, where are scanned images stored?

That depends entirely on you the customer. We can issue you with your data in whichever media format you require. Whether that is CD, DVD, HDD or USB Memory Stick. We can also encrypt your data with AES 256 bit encryption to add an additional layer of security to your sensitive data.

What will happen to my documents after scanning?

Data Solutions Group can securely destroy them, using our secure shredding service, return them to you or store them for a pre-agreed length of time.

Can you digitise microfiche and microfilm to pdf?

Yes we can digitise any type of microfiche and microfilm to pdf format.

What is the file retrieval procedure?

Data Solutions Group ask that all retrieval requests are emailed our retrievals team at Please make sure to include as much information as possible as this will help us to locate the document as quickly as possible. Provided sufficient information has been provided we aim to locate and return electronically within 2 hours any files requested.

What systems are your scanning services compatible with?

Our document scanning services are compatible with the majority of document management systems.  We regularly provide scanning output to systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Alchemy, IDOX and many more. Our use of PDF and OCR technology future proofs your documents as all document management systems will offer an option to import PDF images.

What accreditations does your business hold?

We are fully UKAS accredited to ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems and we adhere to the Code of Practice contained in PD 0008. Data Solutions Group are also registered with the ICO for processing or personal data.