Document Scanning in Birmingham

Document Scanning

Data Solutions Group have been providing document scanning and associated services in Birmingham for a number of years. We can easily and effectively scan any size of document or drawing up to 42” wide. Our scanning service covers every possible size, shape or colour of existing paper records or microfilm legacy.
Any possible document - colour, black & white or greyscale, linen or acetate we can easily adapt our processes to meet your needs.
We project manage large backlogs or smaller conversions, one off opportunities or ongoing requirements. We have a dedicated and experienced team within our scanning bureau who will make it happen on time whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity
The use of PDF images utilising the latest OCR technology means no expensive licences or software and minimal input from your IT team whilst ensuring your end users are familiar with Adobe usage.

Once indexed with your key field indicators the additional use of OCR means any text information whether that be alpha or numeric can be searched across a number of files, a single multi page document or the entire database.

Situated at the centre of the West Midlands Birmingham is seen as one of the main business hubs in the UK. With it's great links to a large number of Cities throughout the UK it makes it a common stop off point for commuters from all over the country. It is served by a number of motorways and is home to the famous Spaghetti Junction. With such good connections throughout the country it means we can provide a fast turnaround time on our document scanning in Birmingham.

We provide our document scanning services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas and can tailor our services to suit your needs exactly. There are several major National Health Service hospitals throughout Birmingham, meaning the need for sensitive document scanning services is prevalent throughout the city. Whether our clients need sensitive information digitizing then shredding or the hard copies retaining to be returned we can take on any size job.

How do you ensure the quality of the electronic images?

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards and work within all guidelines of PD0008/10 covering every aspect of our scanning service
We regularly review our own quality systems and the checks we have in place so that you can be assured of the best possible quality every time.

If you are looking for a provider of document scanning in Birmingham we would be delighted to complete a sample free of charge using your own documents to demonstrate the ease at which you can now search and locate business critical information from your desktop.

How Document Scanning in Birmingham Works?


Before any document scanning project starts all documents will be prepared, this is the time when we will de-staple, unfold, and repair the documents prior to scanning. Any drawings will be marked in the original file and placed with the large format scanning team all other documents will be scanned by our small format team, every image created will utilise auto colour where necessary to make sure any boundaries, red areas or photographs are correctly captured. Any large format drawings or over sized documents will be merged at the end of the small format, or returned to their original place in your new electronic file.

Indexing and OCR Process (Optical Character Recognition)

All electronic records created are indexed by one or more pre-agreed key field indicators, such as invoice number, surname, given name or file information. The newly created PDF files will then be OCRED, this then allows you to search for any text – alpha or numeric within that document/file or group of documents/files for additional search functionality.

Quality Checks

In accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation our teams carry out regular and audited quality checks during the entire processing procedure. Prior to despatch we complete additional checks on each job for quality, clarity and integrity.

Return of Electronic Images

The electronic images are transferred to encrypted and password protected USB or Hard Drives which will then be returned by hand to you on a prearranged date and time.

Destruction of Original Paper Records

Original documents will be stored for a pre-agreed time after the electronic files have been returned, we would then ask you for permission to destroy the originals, no records will ever be destroyed without your prior written permission. Once we have your permission the file will be cross shredded to European standards prior to recycling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experienced consultants in you are looking for a provider of document scanning in Birmingham.